This Week’s Medicare Quick Bite is Special Enrollment Periods, Part 2!

“Medicare Quick Bites” is your weekly treat of Medicare information. Hawaii SHIP has created these bite-sized lessons to help you understand this complex federal health insurance, thus “Making Medicare Digestible!” If you’ve missed the previous quick bites, they are also posted on our blog. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get your weekly delivery of Medicare Quick Bites! This week’s treat provides more information on Special Enrollment Periods.

Last week’s treat stated that enrollees may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, or SEP, if their CREDITABLE group health plan coverage ended. Creditable coverage is equal to or better than Medicare coverage. Everyone who plans to work after turning 65 is encouraged to contact their Human Resources department to find out if their group health plan is creditable. If the plan is creditable, the employee can choose to delay enrolling into Part B when they turn 65.

This week’s treat states the other situations that qualify for a SEP. If you’re not sure if you qualify, contact Hawaii SHIP to request a free counseling appointment with a Medicare-certified counselor.

MedQkBite_SEP_Part 2 9.16.2021


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