Hawaii SHIP is a proud partner of Kōkua Mau

Kōkua Mau is a statewide Movement to Improve Care. Kōkua Mau is comprised of individual and organizational champions and supporters from hospitals, education, consumers, insurance, long term care and hospices. Webpage: https://kokuamau.org/

An Advance Directive (AD) is a written statement about your future medical care. It is a gift to family members and friends so that they won’t have to guess what you want if you no longer can speak for yourself. Link: https://kokuamau.org/advance-directives/

POLST is a portable medical order that takes effect as soon as it is signed. It can follow you from home into a medical setting, and after discharge to your home or other setting such as a nursing or care home. POLST is a form that contains medical orders that specify the type of care you would like in the event of a medical emergency. Link: https://kokuamau.org/polst/


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